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AUTOMEC CNC 150 Backgauges | Demmler Machinery Inc.
Our CNC150 is an economical, simple-to-use control that incorporates all of the most popular features requested by our customers over the 30 plus years we have been in the back gauging business. Th...
AUTOMEC CNC 9x9 Backgauges | Demmler Machinery Inc.
The CNC9x9 system is a simple-to-use 9 bend, single axis system that was developed as a low cost solution to be used with Automec's series of back gauges for press brakes.
AUTOMEC CNC300 Backgauges | Demmler Machinery Inc.
The CNC300 control can be programmed as simple as our popular CNC150 or it can be programmed to utilize an array of sophisticated functions. These include a tool library, RS232 computer interface w...
AUTOMEC PC800 Backgauges | Demmler Machinery Inc.
The PC800 is a graphical control for Automec's family of CNC back gauges that uses digital photos and 2-D graphics to make your press brake forming easier. The PC800 allows you to photograph your p...
RAZORGAGE Auto Feed System Gauging | Demmler Machinery Inc.
This Auto Feed System (AFS) allows you to turn a Scotchman semi-automatic cold saw into a fully automated cutting system. The system automatically moves your material to position, clamps the materi...
RAZORGAGE Digital Quick Stop Gauging | Demmler Machinery Inc.
The RG Digital Quick Stop is an entry level programmable stop. It is priced right, yet very durable. Setup is as easy as entering the desired cut length and pressing go. It can be mounted to move l...
RAZORGAGE Stop/Pusher System Gauging | Demmler Machinery Inc.
The RG Stop/Pusher System can be used as a "go to" stop or as a semi-automatic push feed system. It uses Windows-based technology with touch screen controls. The system can be mounted to feed left ...